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About us

Last update on: 04/09/2009


Today 75% of all children and adolescents with cancer illnesses survive.

This is due to

  • rapid advances in biomedical and clinical research
  • considerable efforts by paediatric oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, radiologist, and representatives of diagnostic professionals
  • national and international networks in order to ensure access and the analysis of patient data and tests as well as access to modern technologies

The goal is to reach a Recovery Rate of 100%


It is necessary to diligently develop precise treatments in that paediatric cancer researchers learn more about the biological characteristics of individual tumours. Furthermore, the paediatric cancer researchers continue to intensively work on developing tailored treatments in the sense of adjusting the aggressiveness of the treatment. In order to reduce potential side effects in the future and to of course also further improve the recovery rates through these reduced side effects, it is necessary to understand which patient groups potentially need a less aggressive treatment based on their specific type of cancer.


The funds provided by the European Commission via their research funding programmes are of considerable relevance for paediatric cancer research.


Our German-Austrian project "Overcoming Cancer with Research" is an important instrument for communicating the success story of paediatric cancer research, but also for emphasising how important diligent support of paediatric cancer research is for our society.