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Therapy-Optimisation-Studies (TOS)

Last update on: 04/09/2009



Increase of the survival rates in children and adolescents with cancer from under 20% to more than 75% | more information


Young patients suffering from cancer are treated with agents that have actually been known for some time, but which - based on the current state of knowledge - are combined in a more efficient method than what may have been used in the past. As a result, the potency of the individual agent is again considerably increased.

Martin Schrappe

„Therapy optimisation studies are the best available standard of care for children and adolescents with cancer.“


Prof. Martin Schrappe,

Medical Director at the Paediatric Hospital of the Kiel University,

Head of the study group for acute lymphatic leukemia in children and adolescents in Germany

Interview recorded during the international symposium on established successes and future challenges in paediatric oncology, May 15-17, 2008, Vienna


§§§ Eine Interview-Aufzeichnung zu diesem Thema finden Sie in unserem Dokumentations-Archiv vor.



These therapy optimization studies are subject to strict safety procedures; firstly by the professional association, by the study group itself, but also by external advisors and committees who primarily focus on the patient‘s safety. Furthermore, every study is always monitored and approved by an ethics committee.