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Signal Feedback Loops

Last update on: 04/09/2009


By means of the in-depth investigation of the cancer cell, signalling pathways were discovered that make it possible for the abnormal cell to ensure its survival. Paediatric cancer research subsequently developed special signal inhibitors.


With modern medications, it is now possible to intervene in the signal feedback loops that are responsible for the uncontrolled division of tumour cells.


Such signal inhibitors present promising challenges for the future.

Heinrich Kovar

"With respect to new options in treatment, paediatric cancer research has led to a better understanding of cellular signalling pathways, the so-called receptor tyrosine kinases, which today are successfully used in treatment."


Univ. Doz. Dr. Heinrich Kovar

Scientific director of the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research,

Molecular Biologist


§§§ Eine Interview-Aufzeichnung während einer Pressekonferenz der St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute (19. Nov. 2008) finden Sie in unserem Dokumentations-Archiv vor.