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Advances in detail

Last update on: 04/09/2009


The tasks of childhood cancer research are the following:

  • To understand the possible causes of cancer in detail
  • To refine methods of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy n
  • To improve the chances of cure
  • To increase quality of life in child cancer survivors


Heinrich Kovar

„Statistically seen, the current treatment methods provided for paediatric cancer patients are already very successful. However, there are very large inter-individual differences which affect the recovery rate, as well as the side effects and late effects. This is the reason why, in addition to basic research, we perceive sedondary research for the individualisation of therapy (adaptation to the expected course of disease) as our most important task.”


Heinrich Kovar, MD

Scientific director of the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Microbiologist and bone cancer specialist