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Last update on: 03/06/2009


www.overcomingcancerwithresearch.eu represents an information portal of the science communication project OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH, funded by the European Commission at 618.000,- euros. The project includes the following partners: the St. Anna Children’s Hospital , the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Otto Pammer Filmproduktion and the St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (Children's Cancer Research Institute, CCRI) being the project’s coordinator.


The information portal aims to demonstrate the diverse relationships between the successess of childhood cancer research and the successful therapy approaches of children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer, making these direct links comprehensible to the public. The project partners strive to sensitise the general public to the situation, issues and needs of childhood cancer patients and survivors by conveying the benefits of childhood cancer research to society through multiple activities.

Editorial board

All medical and health-related information presented on our website is provided exclusively by medical professionals. It is our aim to present our subject-specific issues in a concise and easy to understand way. We do not provide information on alternative and complimentary therapies. In addition, we want to emphasize that our website is not meant to replace the advice of a health professional. Our website is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.


Prof. Gadner

Helmut Gadner

Professor of pediatrics

Head of the Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Medical Director of the St. Anna Children’s Hospital


Curriculum Vitae


Michael Dworzak

Michael N. Dworzak, MD

Head physician at the St. Anna Children’s Hospital

Scientist at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute


Curriculum vitae

Editorial team for non-medical information

Prof. Helmut Gadner

Project’s coordinator


Sandra Brezina-Krivda

Project organisation & public relations


Sandra Brezina-Krivda

Sandra Brezina-Krivda

Kinderspitalgasse 6

A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone.: 00431/ 404-70-4450

Fax: 00431/ 404-70-64450

Mobile: 0650/ 639-28-92

Email: sandra.brezina@ccri.at

General Website : www.ccri.at


We underline the fact that we treat all information of users visiting our website, such as names, email and/or postal addresses, telephone numbers, the contents of emails and/or any other data of our visitors absolutely confidential. Electronic or personal data transmitted by our visitors are stored in such a way as to ensure that access authorisation is granted to team members of the project “Overcoming Cancer with Research” exclusively. In addition, we do not deliberately collect data of our visitors except when they specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis to provide them with information material generated during our project “Overcoming Cancer with Research” (i.e. info flyers, press releases, invitations to public events). In this context, the user of course can withdraw his agreement at any time. We neither transmit data of our visitors to third parties, nor do we use any data for statistical analyses. No personal data are collected via cookies or other analysis technologies. Anonymous data, meaning information that does not specifically identify our visitors, will be collected by us to statistically analyse our website, for example which site pages our visitors use the most and in what sequence.


We undertake to honour or exceed the legal requirements for medical and health information privacy that apply in the country and state where our website and mirror sites are located.

Dated and referenced information

Information on our website is supported by clear reference to source data, indicating the recognized, scientific or official sources quoted in our materials, and where possible, have html links to that data. All new entries are automatically updated.

Advertising policy

We do not market or promote any medical products. Our website does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content. To raise funds for public events, we represent our sponsors by displaying their logos, clearly identifying all advertisements with the words “Thanks to our sponsors”. These parts can be easily distinguished from our editorial content.

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