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Last update on: 10/23/2009

Main facts: Research is the only cure for childhood cancer

OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH is an EC-funded project. The project was created to disseminate issues of childhood cancer and research to the general public. Officially launched on March 1st 2008, the science communication initiative will last for two years.


Today 3 out of 4 children and adolescents, who would have been considered incurable about 40 years ago, can be saved. The project team aims at demonstrating the diverse relationships between the successess of childhood cancer research and the increase in the survival rates of children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer, making these direct links comprehensible to the public.


The project partners strive to sensitise the general public to the situation, issues and needs of childhood cancer patients and survivors by conveying the benefits of childhood cancer research to society through multiple activities.


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Press Releases in English

06.09.2009 Survivors' Grossglocknertour 2009

The EC-funded science communication project "Overcoming Cancer with Research" emphasizes the importance of psychosocial activities among childhood cancer survivors and, at the same time,  conveys their inner strength, determination, endurance and physical capabilities.

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Prof. Stefan Bielack, MD

Paediatric oncology department at the Olga Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany


„Patient-focused clinical research is severely underfinanced“

PDF-Download of the interview, given by Prof. Bielack, MD, concerning the current state of research for bone and soft tissue tumours in children and adolescents

Published in the magazine WIR 3/09 of our project partner, the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, on the occasion of the bone and soft tissue tumour symposium held on 15 and 16 May 2009, a country-wide symposium for patients and family members in Stuttgart, Germany

02/02/2009 The Parliament Magazine

EC-funded project to promote improved cure rates

For more details, click The Parliament Magazine 2nd Febr.`09 edition, Issue 281 or PDF file 1 or PDF file 2.

19/11/2008 OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH press conference

"20 years of the Children's Cancer Research Institute": Statements and interviews

15/05/2008 OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH press conference

"An EC-funded project goes public": Statements and interviews

05/03/2008 Project launch of OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH

"Promising EU-funded project to arouse the most public attention to childhood cancer research"

Press Releases (in German) on events and activities that took place in Austria and Germany

Our project combines partners of German-speaking countries. For this reason, all of our events take place either in Germany or in Austria. Printing materials and press releases are therefore widely distributed to the German-speaking public.


Our information flyer, poster and detailed press kit informing on the objectives of our EC-funded project OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH are available in English to stakeholders and the interested public in non-German speaking countries, in order to ensure the widest possible distribution throughout Europe.

09.12.2010 Closing press Conference


Delicate balance for childhood cancer: Political action in Austria is required. 

From groundbreaking EC-funded science communication to the current needs and strategic development plans presented by St. Anna's doctors and researchers

With the message "Overcoming Cancer with Research" of the EC-funded science communication project DIRECT, the Austrian Children's Cancer Research Institute together with its partners made headlines and achieved a major effect to sensitise the public. The top priorities are high quality of cure and "total care" for long-term survivors of childhood cancer.  At a recent press conference, paediatric oncologists of the St. Anna Children's Hospital and scientists of the Children's Cancer Research Institute revealed the prevailing gaps and urgent needs of the paediatric-oncological community and presented possible solutions to the Austrian media.

Further details are listed here 


Press article (in German)

Press pictures   

Sound recordings (in German) 

Gallery of press pictures describing the participants in detail


KidsDay, Schloss Schönbrunn

Pressetext 1 der St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung als PDF

Pressetext 2 vom Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn als PDF


Pressefotos zur Kinderparty im Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn


fotoleiste des public forums

Students' and Public Forum: Understanding Cancer - Saving Lives



Internationale Pressearbeit:

„Overcoming cancer with research in children and adolescents“, published in the news of the GPOH (Society for paediatric oncology and haematology) and KPOH (Competence Network in Paediatric Oncology and Haematology).


Download as PDF or from this website


Fotoleiste der Pressekonferenz

Sound recordings of the press conference "20 Years of the Children's Cancer Research Institute"
Benutzername und Passwort: stanna11


APA- Press release


„Kinder und Jugendliche haben gute Heilungschancen“, (Children and adolescents have good chances to overcome cancer), special issue of „Onkologie“ (oncology) der Ärztekrone, December 2008


Sarcoma-Awareness Biketour: Bike tour to raise awareness about sarcoma in children and young adults


Pictures: (f.l.) Dr. Andreas Zoubek. Michael Dorfstätter, Dietmar Erlacher, International Sarkom Team Copyright Otto Sibera








International Symposium: Established successes and future challenges in pediatric oncology


Picture (from the left) Prof. Gadner, Head of the Children’s Cancer Research Institute & St. Anna Children’s Hospital and Prof. Giuseppe Masera, childhood cancer expert of Monza, Italy Picture: Prof. Gilles Vassall, Institut Gustave Roussy, childhood cancer expert from France

Copyright: Bernd Pichlmayer




Press conference: OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH – An EC-funded project goes public


Picture: Prof. Giuseppe Masera, childhood cancer expert from Italy Picture: Prof. Helmut Gadner, OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH coordinator Picture: Alexander Löhr, longterm survivor Picture: Dorothee Schmid, longterm survivor Picture (from the left) :Prof. Robert Schlögel, Austrian Health Ministry, Prof. Gadner, Prof. Masera, Jens Kort, managing director of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, Dorothee Schmid, Alexander Löhr Copyright: Peter Strasser, APA





Reward by the Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft: An EC-funded project in the field of childhood cancer research disseminates knowledge for the general public


  • Stefan Grünert erhält stellvertretend für DIRECT die Urkunde der FFG
  • Die Urkunde

Picture (from the left): Dr. Sabine Herlitschka, Austrian Forschungsförderungsggesellschaft, Dr. Stefan Grünert, Grant Manager, Children’s Cancer Research Institute




EU-Project OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH provides information on childhood cancer research 1

EU-Project disseminates information on childhood cancer research 2


Picture: Jens Kort, managing director of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, Copyright: Peter Strasser, APA Picture: Prof. Gadner, OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH project coordinator Copyright: Christian Pichler, media print


Project launch in Bonn, Germany: OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH communicates the success story of the childhood cancer research in Europe


Picture: Prof. Helmut Gadner, OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH project coordinator Copyright: Christian Pichler, media print Foto: Doz. Dr. Michael Dworzak, St. Anna Children’s Hospital, project partner


EU-Project provides information to sensitise the general public on issues related to children and young adults suffering from cancer


Picture: Ulrich Ropertz, Chairman of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation