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Rainbow Tour 2009

Last update on: 15/10/2009

Fotos der Regenbogentour 2008

The rainbow journey is designed to provide encouragement

For 16 years, the rainbow journey’s motto has been encouragement, information and education. The rainbow warriors traditionally stop at treatment centres for cancer-stricken children along the way and visit the young patients on the wards of the hospitals. The main goal is to demonstrate: “you can make it, just like we did!“


Regenbogentour 2009 - Video


Based on their own experience, the young athletes know all too well how important any sign of hope is to overcome the difficulties while undergoing treatment.


„Experience shows that especially children and adolescents who conquered cancer are particularly ambitious and extremely resilient“, explained the director of the paediatric hospital Schwabing, Prof. Dr. Stefan Burdach at the start of this years’ rainbow journey in Munich.


Jens Kort„Dealing with cancer is often characterised by fear, denial and uncertainty. Especially young patients are feeling the effects – be it at school, among friends or later in the professional life. A lot of education is still required in this respect”


according to Jens Kort, managing director of the German Paediatric Cancer Foundation which is organising the rainbow journey every year.





Astrid Zehbe"One comes out the other side of the disease with greater strength, is grateful for life and can take it as it comes. My perspective of life has changed due to the illness - I enjoy differently, I perceive differently, much more intensely"

explains Astrid Zehbe from Berlin, press spokesperson and active member of the Rainbow Tour | www.regenbogentour.de



At 16, Astrid fell ill with cancer. Today, she has been pronounced well. In 2008 she successfully completed her studies in Geneva.


The Rainbow Tour, predominantly financed by the German foundation for childhood cancer, has been taking place annually since 1993. Today, the participants in the colourful jerseys leave 600 kilometres behind them as they cycle from Mannheim to Cologne within one week. The tour demands maximum sporting performance from the cyclists.


Route plan


Along the route the former cancer patients, aged between 18 and 45 years (amongst them cyclists with prosthetic legs), visit treatment centres for children and young people with cancer. Filled with empathy and their own successful battles against the disease, they wish to give courage not only to the children but also to their parents, and to show the medical staff that their work has meaning and an effect, namely giving motivation, support, hope and belief in healing during their difficult phase of life.

Astrid Zehbe“One travels as a living example through Germany. We arrive at various hospitals and show the young patients that life does go on afterwards, that one can partake in sports again and that one should not give up"

says Astrid.