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NEWSPress Conference 09.12.2010
Delicate balance for childhood cancer: Political action in Austria is required
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Last update on: 01/19/2009

"Overcoming Cancer with Research" is a communication project supported by the European Commission. The subsidy amount enables us to engage in professional publicity up until March 2010 using

  • modern, appealing media (website, blog = publically vieweable diary, online-games)
  • a TV- documentary along with the Otto Pammer Filmproduction
  • events
  • continuous media work and photo documentation


This way we want to raise public awareness for

  • the rapid progress within research and the specialised treatment facilities
  • the continually required funding for treatment optimisation
  • improving the problems and needs of former childhood-cancer patients


Awareness must be raised amongst the unaffected, potential funders and decision makers.


New target audiences, such as adolescents, young medical students, young people, who are facing career choices, should become interested and animated in the evolving area of the Child-Cancer Research.


Simultaneously, the affected should be able to draw hope and courage through our campaigns. The website holds many links and material to download, in order to assemble relevant information and facilitate the search of specialised organisations.