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Delicate balance for childhood cancer: Political action in Austria is required
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Last update on: 12/01/2009

In 2010, amongst 250 young adults between 15 and 45, there will be a survivor of cancer during childhood or adolescents. Source 1 and Source 2

The comprehensive treatment programmes, which are available to doctors, are a great burden. Initially, the primary goal was to secure the patients' survival. However, today one is increasingly concerned with the treatment-associated long-term effects and the quality of survival. The goal of research today is to not only increase the healing rates but to also reduce long term complications. The methods of treatment must not only become more effective but also more gentle.


Cancer does not end with the completion of the medical intensive treatment. Young patients should be able to lead an unimpaired life, preferably without lasting damage, integrated within their social surroundings, with the same chances, rights and possibilities as their contemporaries.


After the lonesome and straining treatment, the children and adolescents with the diagnosis "cancer cured", desire a quick return to school, apprenticeship and job. They want to actively shape their lives again, integrated and accepted by society.


More money, research and the awareness raising of society, are necessary to support the survivors in regaining a preferably high degree of physical shape, psychological and social well-being, after their triumph over cancer.