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Treatment Optimisation Studies

Last update on: 01/16/2009

Within pediatric oncology children and adolescents, suffering from cancer, are mostly treated in multicentered clinics according to so-called "treatment optimisation protocols".

The rapid treatment successes of the pediatric oncology in the past 20-30 years have been crucially shaped by child cancer centres, which began at an early stage to develop treatment strategies, in cooperate and controlled studies for patients with the same diagnosis. These studies demonstrate, in a consecutive manner, the most effective treatment for specific types of the disease.


The concept for treatment optimisation studies (TOS) was initially successfully applied in Germany initially for leukemia research. The TOS concept supplies clinician with clearly composed protocols, which enable definite conclusions via a scientific data analysis containg sufficient reliable data, to optimise the treatment of young patients through the aquired findings.


Through these quality controlled measures of the pediatric oncology, which are by now established in all industrialised European countries, the quality of treatment for the affected children can be continually increased.


Generally, this means that today the pediatric oncology can only act successfully within networked professional teams.