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The Challenge of Research

Last update on: 01/14/2009

Today about 75 percent of all children and adolescents, who would have been considered incurable about 40 years ago, can be saved. Despite all successes a quarter of all young patients cannot be helped.

The future challenge of the Children's Cancer Research is to understand the biological specificties of the forms of children's cancer, which are still battled against unsuccessfully.

Children are not little Adults

Even though children's cancer displays specific signs, there is little specific medication licensed for these especially sensitive patients.


Thus, it is necessary to adjust licensed methods of treatment for adults, in specific clinical studies, for the special needs of the affected children. This results in a strong demand for specialised children's cancer research on the causes and characteristics of these malignant affections.


Thanks to a lot of financial support incredible progress could be made within cancer treatment as well as in bio-medical and clinical research. Thus, the success rates, especially those of leukemia patients, could be increased drastically.


However, there are still a number of forms of children's cancer, where only a minority of patients can be helped with using the existing medication. Great hope lies in the testing and implementing of new medication, for which there is no experience with children yet. These hold the possibility for treatment with less side effects or to cure those children whose affection remains incurable up until now.


At this point the possibilties of the most recent research must be exhausted in order to achieve the needed breakthrough.


Only with the help of continuous aids can experts of basic and clinical research:

  • examine further causes for children's cancer
  • develop new methods of diagnosis and treatment.