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Continual Research Aids

Last update on: 01/19/2009

Cancer amongst children and adolescents are rare and considered so-called orphan diseases. The big pharmaceutical companies thus have little economic interest to invest in children's cancer research. The Children's Cancer Research is thus financed from private donations and public aids

Donations are Life Savers

Michael Dworzak "In comparison to bowel or breast cancer, children's cancer ist very rare. From the pharmaceutical industry's view point children's cancer research ist not lucrative. Fortunately, Austrians are world champions of donation"

Heinrich Kovar, M.D.

scientific directory, Children's Cancer Research Institute.

The bone cancer specialist has financed a big part of his longtime research at the Children's Cancer Research Institute


Since 1988 nine different research work groups could be established at the Children's Cancer Research Institute.


Around 4 million euros are available for it annually. 80 percent of that is drawn from donations, the rest comes from public aids, such as the EU Framework Programmes.