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Delicate balance for childhood cancer: Political action in Austria is required
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Success Story of Research

Last update on: 01/19/2009

Leukemia and malign tumours are fatal diseases. The diagnosis of cancer abruptly changes the lives of the young patients and their families. Yet one can be optimistic:


The treatment optimisation of cancer amongst children and adolescents has developed unexpectedly successful within the past three decades. Findings of the laboratory and clinical research enable specialists of child cancer treatment facilities to make more precise and specific diagnoses, as well performing patient-tailored therapies, which often allows the very straining treatment side effects to be reduced.

Michael Dworzak "It is our aim to make a public point of the fact that cancer during child and adolescent age is curable in 3 out of 4 cases."

Michael Dworzak, M.D.,

Head of Department at the St. Anna Children’s Hospital,

Scientist at the St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (Children’s Cancer Research Institute) and OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH partner


Sound recordings taken during the press conference "20 years of the Children's Cancer Research Institute"

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