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Increase of Survival Rates

Last update on:02/18/2009

The 5-year survival rates* for cancer within childhood and adolescence have risen, depending on illness, from less than 20 percent in the 1950s and 60s to over 75 percent due to:

  • systematic research in the laboratory and directly on the patient (multicentred cooperative studies on national and international levels)
  • international, interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists in child cancer facilities (pediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, psychologists,…)
  • standardised treatment according to the current status of medical knowledge


*Source: „Krebserkrankungen bei Kindern“, Prof. Dr. med. Ursula Creutzig et al., Deutsches Ärzteblatt / Jg. 100 / Heft 13 / 28. März 2003 (Zusatz: 1. Okt. 2008)

Michael Dworzak„Previously the primary concern was to secure the life of these young patients. Today we can concern ourselves increasingly with the quality of survival and limiting long term consequences"

Michael Dworzak, M.D.,

Head of Department at St. Anna Children’s Hospital,

Scientist at St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (Children’s Cancer Research Institute) and OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH partner