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The Seventh EU Framework Programme

Last update on: 01/16/2009

OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH is funded with a budget of 618.000 Euro by the 7th EU-Research Social Programme (FP7).

The European Commision meanwhile cumulatively applies science-communications and encourages concepts, which comprehensively implement this concept.


The seventh EU-Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities constitutes, with a duration of seven years (2007-2013) and an overall budget of about 54 billion euros, the largest trans-national research programme.


In Europe the funding of bio-medical research is mainly constituted of money of the European tax payer. Aside from national funds, the Framework Programme of the European Union demonstrates the most important funding instrument. The following is funded:


  • applied and basic research
  • innovative pharmaceuticals
  • rare illnesses
  • health of children and adolescents


The Eu-Framework Programme is an important premise in the development of science.

New findings and technology

  • boost strong innovation and ability to compete
  • guarantee work places and affluency in Europe.